How to Give the Perfect Sensual Massage

Do you want to help your lover relive stress by giving him a nice sensual massage? Or maybe you just want to learn a little bit about bodywork massage and how it's done. This article will show you the best sensual massage technique that is easy to learn.

The best sensual massage idea

Start on the back by describing outwards circular motions with your hands, moving your hands further away from the spine. Make the same movements with both of your hands (in the mirror massage technique) on both sides of your lover's back. This will make your partner feel like he's in professional massage parlor receiving a great massage from an experienced masseur / masseuse.

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Bodywork massage is the best way to start

Put your hands on the bottom of his buttocks, hands and fingers straight directed to the top. Using your body weight, push your hands along the spine with your thumbs. Describe small circular movements to detension the muscles, especially in areas that are tense. Try also to stroke simultaneously the areas on both sides of the spine with the joints of your thumbs. The sensation is great, I assure you. A general sensual massage technique is to give the massage upwards, moving further and further away from the spine.

Make sure you rub all parts of the body, except genital area, not yet that. In the first half hour must be something relaxing rather than sexy, even if your partner has a massage fetish or not. After that, tease him/her without mercy. Slide your hands along the genital, buttocks area, inside of the thighs and lower part of the stomach. But not touch explicitly any intimate parts, no matter how bad your partner wants you to. If you have a strong enough relationship you can try couples massage, it'll really take your communion to the next level.

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