Art of Sensual Massage for Your Pleasure

In order to give your special loved one of the best intimate massage ever, your need to have a nice setting arranged, similar to a massage palour. After you've done that, all you need is a great sensual massage technique to apply.

First thing to do: bodywork massage

Your partner has to lie on his/her back with legs slightly apart, head on a pillow that's not too high and be completely relaxed. Lubricate your hands with special massage oil and in order to give your lover increased sensations, strategically place a pillow covered with a towel under the buttocks. The sensual massage is mainly an intimate massage that focuses on the genital area, therefore, before getting to it you must make sure that your partner is completely relaxed. Start by slightly rubbing his feet, knees, gradually moving upwards towards the genitalia.

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Start massaging the genitals gently first with the tips of your fingers and then with both hands, imagining that you know some metal balls in their hands. When notice that your lover is ready for more, this means that it's time to pass onto the next step.

Just sensuous massage or foreplay?

The secret lies in the combination of massage movements, which will inflict intense sensations that will take your lover to the peak of ecstasy. It's not at all complicated; just make sure you keep a steady pace in movement. Don't ever slow down the pace and don't neglect any movement.

Moreover, the idea that your lover is practically in your hands, unable to do anything, will make him/her even more excited. You have the power to decide; it's up to you if you choose to give your partner an orgasm or just do the sensual massage as foreplay. And mark my words; your partner will love it and ask you take care of him/her this way more often.

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