Tantric male massage

There are a lot of preconceptions, and misperceptions about exactly what Tantric male massage is and isn't. Despite these, the concept of Tantric male massage does not differ greatly from the concept of a male massage itself, it merely incorporates the belief that your health will benefit greatly from being relaxed and sexually happy. The Hindu description of Tantra is "achieving personal growth through pleasurable existence." The male massage itself does tend to cause orgasms, but these are largely considered as a bonus to the whole experience, rather than the primary aim.

Tantric male massage does not involve full on penetrative sex, but it does heavily involve touching of the sexual organs and as such is more likely to be offered in 'male massage parlours' than at a health club. But it is not something that you need to seek out a professional for, as there are a number of internet sites dedicated to people seeking pleasurable male massage experiences and putting them in touch with one another. You could find a willing male massage partner at one of these sites and learn the pleasure of Tantric male massage with them.

The first thing to understand is the eastern names associated with the genitals. The male sexual organs are referred to as the Lingam, which means wand of light, and the female organs are referred to as Yoni, which means sacred space or sacred temple. Apart from making it easier to refer to your sexual organs with these words (considering the alternatives), it also gives you a good understanding of the associations that Tantric male massage has with the sexual organs.

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Choose some very gentle background music and have your partner lie on her back with her legs apart and a cushion under the hips to raise the Yoni area, and another cushion under their head. This puts them in a position to look down on your hands on the Yoni and adds a visual component to the overall sensation. Choose a lubricant carefully, as although the male massage is heavily provocative in nature, traditional 'sex lubricants' of the chocolate body paint variety will detract from the experience. Ideally it should be a sweet smelling liquid or oil.

Begin by pouring a small amount of oil on to the mound of the Yoni, and let it slide gently over the outer lips. Use your thumb and forefinger to slowly male massage the outer lips, sliding up and down the entire length. Seek clarification from your partner that the pressure used is not too heavy or light. Do not move too fast, as this is not a race. Look into your partners eyes during the male massage and take cues from her reaction as to when to move fro the outer lips to the inner lips as she begins to relax more.

The clitoris is roughly four times as sensitive as the male sexual organs, so treat it gently as you move from the inner lips. Begin by gently rubbing in circles around the clitoris first in one direction, and then back in the other. Occassionally take the clitoris between thumb and forefinger and gently squeeze it for additional pleasure. At this stage your male massage partner will be getting very excited, but try to prolong the sensation rather that rushing her through to an orgasm and declaring it's your turn now. Remember that the orgasm is a bonus to the relaxation and personal bonding that the Tantric male massage offers.

After extending the male massage of the Yoni lips and clitoris, gently insert the middle finger of your dominant hand(Right hand if you are right handed, left if you are left handed) and gently feel around inside whilst continuing to male massage with your other hand. With the palm of your dominant hand facing upwards, use your middle finger to find a spongy area just below the pubic bone. This is he G-Spot. male massage it side to side, back and forth and in circles. Do not be rough, use slow and loving strokes and maintain eye contact with your partner.

At this point you can continue the male massage with your dominant hand, while allowing your other hand to lightly caress other areas of her body. She will be extremely sensitive due to the attention you are paying to her Yoni, so take your time and telegraph your movements so she doesn't start from an unexpected touch. Continue to watch her and gauge the intensity and type of your movements from her reactions. Do not feel that you need to race her to orgasm, and understand that when she does orgasm it will most likely be one of the most intense orgasms of her life.

Afterwards you can expect her to feel incredibly relaxed, and likely to want to drift off to sleep. This is completely normal and means you have performed a brilliant Tantric male massage.

Well done!

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