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W4M male massage in California.

Getting a male massage in California is an incredibly relaxing and health enhancing experience, and when it is performed between life partners it is also an intensely personal method of expressing your love and devotion. This article deals with woman for men male massage (W4M male massage) and how it can add an extra dimension to your relationships.

The important thing to ascertain before you begin giving your partner a male massage is what it is he expects to get out of it. Failing to make this perfectly clear before you begin can ruin the benefit of the intimate time spent together. There are two basic possibilities as to the purpose of a w4m male massage. Either the male massage is being performed for its own sake and the numerous stress relief and health benefits that entails, or it is being used as a prelude or foreplay to a sexual encounter. It is important that you realize that if you do not establish the objective before you start, the man is going to assume that the male massage is a lead in to sex, and may feel cheated or disappointed if it does not progress that way. Furthermore, in expecting a more intimate conclusion, the man may find it difficult to relax and fully appreciate the male massage you are giving him.

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This article will deal with a regular male massage, given for relaxation and bond building with no sexual expectations.

The male massage begins with the atmosphere which must be relaxing and lacking in specific stimuli. In other words the room should appear pleasant, but hold nothing that is going to grab and hold the attention of the man receiving the male massage. His attention should not be focused on anything but the feeling of your hands massaging his body. Splitting the attention of the senses will result in less sensation through touch sense. This is truer of men than women, who have a much greater ability to multi-task. If men's attention is caught by something and they focus on it they may completely disregard the action of your hands on them.

Music should continue this theme of non-engagement. It should be gentle and soothing, as well as not including lyrics which may distract the man from his male massage. If you have succeeded to this point you have actually done 90% of the work of giving a fantastic male massage. Getting a man into an environment where he will accept a male massage with no expectation of sex, and no expectation that he must give one in return is not easy as men find it difficult to justify 'just relaxing'.

The male massage itself should vary in speed and intensity, and your lead will come mostly from his own responses. Starting by applying pressure with both thumbs to the soles of the feet is a great way of immediately relieving tension. Tightness is also common around the upper back and shoulders and you should feel comfortable applying a fair amount of pressure here.

If you do everything right, ensure that your partner understands the male massage is meant to relax him, set the right atmosphere and male massage in a controlled and assured method - your partner may fall asleep. This is nothing to be concerned about. You haven't done anything wrong in your w4m male massage, in fact you should be flattered that he was able to relax so much that he slipped off to sleep.

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