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What is Tantric male massage?

Tantric male massage is derived from an ancient Indian philosophy and describes an entire way of life based on worshiping the divine masculine and feminine energies within each of us. California Tantric male massage is based on uniting the masculine and feminine energies.

Like Yoga, or Zen, Tantric male massage is a path to enlightenment which has it's origins in India. It is sometimes referred to as the 'science of ecstasy' and is focused on the prolonging and heightening of the special rapport that exists between lovers. Tantra acknowledges sexual energy as the source of all life, and as such one of the most powerful forces available to us. Through Tantric male massage we can become familiar with our spiritual nature, and through doing so expand our boundaries and enter into new domains of awareness. Through becoming empowered, we become fulfilled and embrace our true nature.

The word Tantra is originally from the Sanskrit root word 'tan' which means to weave or to expand. Tantric male massage allows us to continually expand ourselves. The benefits of tantra can be both immediate and never-ending and walking this path will lead to a tremendous difference in the way you perceive yourself, your relationship and your life.

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Tantric male massage serves to join the masculine and feminine divine energies in a single joyous experience. It is taught that his merger between divine energies provides us with a taste of oneness with the universe. Such an encounter increases our understanding of the world and our place within it, and each subsequent encounter can bring us closer to true enlightenment.

The tantric male massage should begin with spiritual ritual to bring the giver and the receiver into a greater alignment with each other, and a state of preparedness for the ritual ahead. Warm male massage oils and gentle background music create the optimal atmosphere for you to drift into a deep meditative state.

Learning the correct forms of Tantric breathing techniques will greatly enhance the experience of a Tantric male massage. The breathing techniques will assist in the movement of energy from one part of the body to another, and enable a greater degree of control and self discipline when dealing with the cocktail of physical sensations experienced during a Tantric male massage.

The male massage itself will focus on the chakra points of the body and clear blockages in the flow of energy through your body which result from physical tension and stress. The chakras are the energy centers of our body and the degree that each chakra is open will dictate our degree of conscious awareness. A primary function of the chakras is the release of hormones into our body that not only control our physical state of being, but also affect our emotional state. While the energy flows from one chakra to the next you should visualize its passage through your body. The masseur will nurture the needs of the receiver completely and use tantric male massage techniques designed to clear energy blockages and stimulate the flow of energy through your body.

Tantric writings often describe the Kundalini, depicted as a coiled serpent at the base of the spine. The process of tantric male massage is designed to help this serpent rise from it's resting place, through each of the Chakra points. As the Kundalini moves through each chakra it opens a progressively higher level of consciousness which becomes active and integrates into our lives.

While the spiritual benefits of Tantric male massage are fantastic, the physical benefits are also well worth mentioning. Due to the hormone release at chakra points during a male massage, the body experiences pleasure and cleansing. The benefits start with a great sense of relaxation and wellbeing during the male massage, and last for days or weeks afterwards. Increased self esteem, happiness and motivation all enhance the receiver's life. After receiving Tantric male massage stress levels are reduced which will lead to greater concentration, energy and productivity.

Giving a Tantric male massage can be as highly rewarding in terms of spiritual wellbeing and self esteem as receiving one, but receiving one is likely to relax the body to the extreme. Tantric male massage in California is a highly relaxing process, and afterwards the person who has received the male massage is unlikely to be in any condition or state of mind to return a male massage. Therefore if you plan to trade Tantric male massage with someone, be sure to plan a separate session for each person.

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